It started with the Ebola crisis that the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo experienced at the end of 2018. The general coordination responsible for managing the epidemic, first based in Kinshasa then in Goma, quickly needed to have data that arrives almost in real time to make fast and well-documented decisions.

POE DATA is a mobile application that collects data on the movement of travellers at the borders (called Entry Points) of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This application is also used on barriers still called “Control Points” or POC.

It collects quantitative and qualitative data as well as information on passenger behaviour and incidents occurring in a 400m radius around the POE/POC.

In view of the challenges of lack of technological infrastructure, POE DATA has been developed to operate offline. The application then returns the data collected on the central server to Kinshasa once the connection is restored.

An online platform accessible to the public allows to publish in real time the statistical data collected by the application. It also generates basic analysis charts.

Service: POE DATA – Data Collection and Managment
Location: Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo
Period: From Jan. 2019 to Mars. 2021
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Technology: Visual Studio Database: Sql Server Hosting: Microsoft Azure