On March 23, 2022, ControlSys presented its first model of the smart water meter named URAISI. In a country like the Democratic Republic of the Congo which abounds in enormous water resources but whose management remains a real challenge, this meter solves the problem of rational management of this potential which constitutes a basis for the development of the country. This presentation conference took place around 5H30 PM for 2 hours, in the facilities of Panorama Hotel in Bukavu in the presence of Rotarians from the Mwangaza Bukavu cell who facilitated this event and various guests from different local organizations. Also invited to these meetings were representatives of Régideso Bukavu (The National Water Company) as well as those of the wash cluster of Non-Governmental Organizations. Partner: Local Partners Service: URAISI Location: Easter – Democratic Republic of the Congo Period: From Jan. 2022 to Now Via: Contact Us For More Info


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